Sell Your Des Moines Area Home With Team Roberts!

Selling your Des Moines home can be intimidating, scary, nerve-racking, and the biggest mistake of your life IF you don't have the best realtor's working for you. Do your homework and choose the ones that will work the hardest for you, treat you like family and get you the most out of your money in the least amount of time. The only choice is Team Roberts.

Team Roberts provides an outstanding buying and selling experience for all clients. We can assist with your home search and listing your property making sure that you fully understand all steps in the process.

Steps In Selling A Home

  1. Hire Team Roberts as Your Selling Agent
  2. Find Out How Much Your House is Worth
  3. Prepare Your Home For Sale
  4. Home is Marketed
  5. Home is Shown
  6. Receive Purchase Offer
  7. Negotiate Offer
  8. Home Inspection Will be Scheduled
  9. Address Any Repair Requests
  10. Home Appraisal Will be Scheduled
  11. Sign Closing Paperwork
  12. Close

Team Roberts handles the rest because our experienced staff has:

  • The Experience
  • The Competency
  • The People Skills
  • The Trustworthiness
  • The Communication Skills
  • The Timeliness
  • The Willingness to Go The Extra Mile