Goodby winter! Hello Summer!

After a not-too-bad winter and a beautiful spring, summer has finally arrived. The long cold winter months can take a toll on the interior and exterior of your home. Now that the weather is more cooperative it is time to make sure your home is ready for another great summer.

The Interior

To get the inside of your home ready for summer shouldn’t be too hard if you started this past spring with a nice deep cleaning. But if you didn’t get around to it before now, you can still get your home deep cleaned before the rest of the summer passes you by.

Besides the general scrubbing down of your home interior, I like to recommend decluttering and organizing. Do NOT be afraid to get rid of some of those things that do nothing but sit around and collect dust! Think about donating your stuff to one of many nonprofit organization or if they are beyond redemption, throw them in the trash. Be strong and make the tough decisions!

If you have not used an item in six months to a year it is highly unlikely that you will ever use that it again. You can’t believe how refreshed you will feel after decluttering and organizing your home! The less stuff you have to worry about on the inside of your home collecting dust and tripping over during the better. Don’t fret and fume this summer because of junk, get rid of it and enjoy the sun!

The Exterior

Once you have the inside of your home ready for summer, it’s time to move the fun outside and work on that exterior! Summer is the best time to up the curb appeal of your home a notch or two. You want the exterior of your home to be just as comfortable and inviting as the interior. This summer you deserve a space that’s perfect for family and friends to gathering, barbeque, and just relax.

So create it!

    • Clean Up – You want to start with a clean slate, so step one and the best way to achieve this is clean everything. If you don’t own one it’s time to borrow a pressure-washer and get started. Spray down your driveway, walkways, and gently clean and spray down your siding, decks, and patios. Just do a general scrub down of the exterior of your home (windows included).
    • Do Touch-Ups – Now is a good time to do a little maintenance on your home. This could include doing simple paint touch-ups, replacing siding or windows. Use this opportunity to get stuff done to your home that will make next winter more bearable, such as resealing windows and doors.
    • Discover Your Green Thumb – If you are not already a gardener, now is the time to learn! Nothing warms up an outside space like a garden. You can do something as simple as planting a small flower garden, or you can “branch out” and try your hand at growing some veggies as well. Whatever you decide to do, make it your own. Embrace your inner gardener and have fun! Along similar lines is yard maintenance. Dethatch your grass of any debris that may have piled up over the winter months, and then keep up on weekly (if not daily) yard work like watering, fertilizing, adding needed topsoil and of course everyone’s favorite, mowing!
    • Create a Place to Relax – Last but not least is decorating and furnishing! I truly believe if a space doesn’t offer you the opportunity to sit down and relax then you will avoid that space. During the sunny and warmer months embrace the outdoors; get some sun and fresh air because winter is coming back soon enough. To encourage you and your family to get outside, create an inviting and relaxing space they want to enjoy. Your outdoor space does not have to be extravagant to be comfortable and inviting. Just having a place to sit down with a fun throw pillow is better than having nothing at all. Make your outdoor “relaxing space” your own. You can have so much fun decorating and putting pieces together to fit your unique style.

Team Roberts whishes your family a safe and fun-filled summer. If you feel like you don’t have the outdoor or indoor space of your dreams, then maybe, just maybe it is time start looking for one. Especially if you have children, having an outdoor space where they can play is crucial. Contact us today if you want to sell your home, we can take care of the selling portion and help you in finding the true home of your dreams!

If you want someone who can make the selling experience a good one then please contact Team Roberts for any of your home buying or selling needs! Allow us the honor to serve you and get the “Service You Deserve, People You Trust!”