Are you selling your home?

The decision is made, you want to sell your home. More often than not it is hard to make the decision to put your home on the market and no one wants to drag out the selling process. We offer these 6 steps to get your home ready to sell and to sell it quickly.

1. Declutter

Declutter, declutter, declutter! We cannot say enough about decluttering your home because it will do wonders for speeding up the selling process. When looking through your items to determine what goes, ask yourself this questions: Have I used this item the last year, or even in the last month? Most often the answer will be no. If you haven’t used those items in the last year or last few months, then you probably never will so it’s time to either donate or toss those items out. Here are a few more decluttering options to consider:

  • Pack away books
  • Clear your bathroom and kitchen counter tops
  • Clean and declutter all cupboards and closets

Take the time to look over your home as a potential buyer and examine every part of the house with a critical eye towards what looks cluttered.

2. De-Personalize

If your goal is to sell then you want any potential buyer walking through to be able to envision their own future in that home! To help potential buyers see their family making a future in your home, you can aid the process by packing away all your family photos and heirlooms. This can be a double positive because you are getting a head start on packing!

3. Rent a Storage Unit/Start Moving

Houses tend to sell better with less furniture in them. By eliminating a few pieces of furniture it makes your space feel bigger and it also makes for a better flow throughout the home. If you don’t already have a new home where you can store your furniture, we highly recommend renting a storage unit to keep your items safe until a later and more convenient time.

4. Make Minor Repairs

Don’t feel like you need to remodel the entire house before you can sell it. Before you start spending loads of money on a remodel try selling your home with just a few minor repairs. Here are a few you can do:

  • Patch holes in the walls
  • Paint
  • Replace burned out light bulbs
  • Update outdated cabinet hardware
  • Fix leaky faucets/shower heads
  • Have your floors professionally cleaned

5. Clean Up the Outside

Your home’s curb appeal plays a major role in the selling process. The exterior of your home will create the potential buyer’s first impression and if it isn’t a good one, then why would they want to see more? So to make that first impression a good one there are a few things that need to be done:

  • Make sure your house number can be clearly seen and read
  • Keep driveway/sidewalks swept and clean
  • Paint faded shutters
  • Trim down your bushes
  • Planting flowers can add a nice touch
  • Keep your lawn nice and trimmed
  • During the winter clear away snow and ice off from driveway/sidewalks
  • 6. Clean & Keep Clean!

Last but not least, it is time to deep clean your home! When trying to sell a house it is best to keep it sparkling clean and smelling good! Try to keep your home clean at all times because you never know when a realtor will call with a potential buyer wanting to see your home. If your home isn’t cleaned and organized then you may not want anyone to see it on such a short notice. Just remember that when you are trying to sell your home you never want to turn away an opportunity to show it!

Team Roberts Can Help!

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Home Improvements Infographic

To help you find ways that you can quickly make some home improvements, we are including “Home Improvements That Take 10 Minutes Or Less!” infographic to download and share with friends and family. Please share a comment with us below about your home buying search or experiences.